Q   Where and when are games?

A   Roleystone Netball Club is affiliated with Kalamunda and Districts Association (KDNA). Games are at Ray Owen Sports Complex in Lesmurdie on Saturdays. NetSetGo! and younger junior teams are in the morning. Older junior teams and seniors are in the afternoon.



Q   I am having issues logging into MyNetball/Registering. Who do I contact?

A   Please email Heidi at registrar.roleystonenetball@gmail.com with your details and any relevant screenshots and she will try to help where possible.



Q   It is past the cut-off date and I didn’t get my registration in on time. Who do I contact about late registrations?

A   Please email Heidi at registrar.roleystonenetball@gmail.com with the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Previous Experience
  • Preferred Positions

You/your child will be placed on a waiting list and if there are any spots available in teams/age groups, she will contact you in regard to this.



Q   I have an issue regarding the placement of my child in their team. Who can I contact with my concerns?

A   Once teams have been decided we do not like to move girls around, but special circumstances may be considered depending on the situation. Please place any concerns in writing to

      President - Lynne Blackman at president.roleystonenetball@gmail.com or

      Vice President - Lynda Klompmaker at vicepres.roleystonenetball@gmail.com or

      Registrar – Heidi Blackman at registrar.roleystonenetball@gmail.com

      Your Email will be discussed with the executive and grading committee and a decision will be replied to you via email.



Q   My child is in a different team from last year…why is this?

A   At Roleystone Netball Club we endeavour to create teams that are equal in ability while still trying to have a focus on friendship and fun. We meet this very difficult demand as best as possible through our grading day and information collected from registration forms. Your child may be in a different team from last year due to: player limit of 9 per team, skill of player, age of player, positions of player (we can’t have teams full of centre court with no shooters for example), whether you put “friendship” or “competition” on your registration form etc. Please do not take this decision personally. We are trying to create a competitive and fair environment for players to be able to improve their skills with others of their ability. Grading decisions are not to be discussed in person with anyone on the grading committee. If you are concerned about your child’s placement, then please refer to the above question and answer for how to deal with this.



Q   I would like to enquire about sponsoring the club or a team. Who can I contact?

A   Please contact our President Lynne Blackman on president.roleystonenetballclub@gmail.com or Vice President Lynda Klompmaker on vicepres.roleystonenetball@gmail.com to discuss.



Q   I would like to coach, who can I contact?

A   Please contact our Coaches Coordinator Lynne on vicepres.roleystonenetball@gmail.com



Q   I would like to umpire. Who can I contact?

A   Please contact our Umpire Coordinator Heidi at registrar.roleystonenetball@gmail.com with your badge level/experience. If you are looking to learn that is fine to we would love to have you represent us as an umpire. KDNA offer an umpiring training program run on Saturday mornings during the season which is open to members of any age/gender throughout the association and all clubs.



Q   Is training compulsory and where is it held?

A   For all NetSetGo! and Junior teams training is compulsory. It is encouraged for all Senior teams to train however it is not compulsory and that decision is made at the discretion of the individual coach. The majority of our team’s train at the Cross Park Courts in Roleystone.  Which is located down road from IGA, across the oval from the Skate Park and Hall.



Q   Where can I order merchandise?

A   Merchandise can be ordered online via the below link *insert link*. Please note we are only accepting online orders at this stage.



Q   Are uniforms compulsory to wear?

A   Yes, if you do not have a uniform we will have them available for purchase at our hub/grading day and our meet the coach day. Please note that it is expected for players to wear plain black bike shorts (or other black shorts) underneath the dresses.

      Players are not to wear long skivvies, long leggings or brightly coloured shorts/underwear (that will be visible) under the dresses as it does not meet our uniform standards.



Q   Do you have a Facebook page so I can stay updated with the club?

A   We sure do! Just search “Roleystone Netball Club” or find us on this link. Please note we are a closed group for members and family only. When requesting to join the group please answer the questions when prompted as we approve based on those answers.



Q   My questions isn’t here…who can I contact with my query?

A   Please contact Michelle Armstrong our secretary on secretary.roleystonenetball@gmail.com and she will point you to the person who is best to help with your question.